A daylong Green Building (LEED Certification) and ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) held at PITSTOP, Chattogram

On 9th October Saturday, a daylong workshop on Green Building and ZLD took place at PITSTOP, Ishpahani Morr, Lalkhan Bazar, Chattogram. About 40 participants from different industries such as textile, real estate developers, and consulting firms participated in the day-long event. Most of the participants came from the apparel manufacturing industries of the Chattogram area. Representatives from KDS Group, Clifton Group, and Pacific Jeans, S Alam Group were there. Professionals such as; Engineers, Architects, Compliance, HRD, and maintenance were present there.  The core purpose of the program was to build up awareness about the negative impact caused by buildings.  Also, we wanted to share information on LEED Certification and Zero Liquid Discharge process thru a PowerPoint presentation.

Event key topics were Green Building (LEED Certification) basics and ZLD techniques. Golam Rahman, Managing Director of LEAD Consulting Limited & chief consultant, and Md. Mahmud Al Hasan, General Manager of Green Genesis Engineering Limited, was the key speaker. Topics covered in LEED Certification, Global climate change issues and their impacts, the impact of building on the built environment and how to reduce those, history of  USGBC and LEED, LEED credit categories, LEED point distribution, the procedure to obtain LEED Certification of a building, and sustainable finance in Bangladesh. Also presented statistics on how many projects are certified till today in Bangladesh.

In the beginning, there was a self-introduction session from the participants, the introduction of the key speaker, and Mr. Golam Rahman conducted the initial session. He presented a video on a LEED Certified Denim factory in Bangladesh. Then there was a short tea break, and Mr. Rahman continued his session on the global and local environmental issues for about 45 minutes with another video on his milestone project Karupannya Rangpur Ltd. Before the lunch break, Mr. Hasan of GGEL presented his first session on ZLD. He exhibited different techniques of water treatment and how does it work. There was a lunch and prayer break from 1.00 pm to 2.15 pm.

Building. That covers what green building is, the main features, step by step procedure of LEED Certification. He also exhibited a video on the HVAC system because fresh air is the most vital part of a Green building and human health. There was a grooming session among the participants. We advised them to form several groups and discuss the relevant topics presented in the session. We also advised them to share the outcome with the whole audience. It was a fantastic interactive session, and team leaders from different teams presented their findings at the podium. Then Mr. Rahman presented his final session, steps involved in LEED Certification and sustainable finance Bangladesh.

In the final event were more delightful a Certificate was awarded to each participant. We have taken group pictures of the entire participants and the organizing team. We received feedback from the participants, and they were satisfied with the content delivered in the session. They also expressed their satisfaction with other facilities provided in the venue. Moreover, there was a short presentation on organic waste conversion (Bio Gas). Mr. Jalal Uddin from Sabuj Bangla Renewable Energy presented how to set up a Bio Gas plant with organic waste (food waste or tree residuals). The audience has appreciated his presentation and the knowledge he shared.